Welcome to the International 1:1 Computing Conference!
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Elliot Soloway

University of Michigan
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Dept. of CSE
Ann Arbor, MI

Learning at home and learning at school must be seamless - that's what we have learned from COVID. Digital curricula makes it so. The Center for Digital Curricula at the University of Michigan provides K-5, deeply-digital, standards-aligned curricula for K-5  - all four core subjects! These resources were created by classroom teachers and vetted by classroom teachers. As co-director of the Center, I am excited to provide these curricula to Michigan schools! Please talk to me about how your school can have access to these amazing resources.
UPDATE: I will be joined by two elementary school teachers - Monique Coulman and Dawn Michalak - who are using Roadmaps EVERYDAY in their classrooms!